our people

All our staff members have extensive experience, both as designers and project managers, and are able to adapt to the unique services and team environment as necessary.

We are actively involved in providing opportunities for young people, and forming strong links with local schools. As the company grows, we intend to increase the opportunities available within the company.

Some examples of how we have provided Placements for local people seeking employment, work experience or help and advice are as follows.

Graduate placement

One of our associates was placed at michael cunningham architects through a graduate scheme that the company was involved in. Having completed her initial 3 months at michael cunningham architects she was then taken on as a Design Assistant. 5 years later, she is now an associate, managing her own portfolio of projects.

Apprentice Placement

Via the Chambers of Commerce we have been able to train several apprentices. One was interested in completing an apprenticeship whilst gaining a national vocation in Business Studies and Administration. mca supported her throughout her studies, and encouraged her to continue learning new skills, leading to her becoming an Accredited Accounting Technician whilst continuing in full time employment with us.

School Placements and Connections

We offer our support to local secondary schools, providing students with an opportunity to explore different areas of activities one might expect in an architect’s office.

An experienced member of staff will take the student on site and experience a typical “day in the life” of the member of staff. They are shown how to use the drawing software we have, and also be given an insight to administration and various other experiences of the workplace.

We have sponsored sixth form students completing their design and technology A-levels, providing reviews, office visits, and materials.


We have a limited number of graduate students working with us. Our programme for the students has been discussed with and approved of by the RIBA. When students return to college for the final part of their course, we encourage them to stay in contact, and use our office to support them with reviews, advice, and free printing.

Continuing professional development

The practice has a regular program of Continued Professional Development (CPD), with seminars held on a monthly basis covering all aspects of technical design, statutory regulation changes, practice management and environmental issues. The majority of these seminars are RIBA Accredited and the Practice ensures this for as many CPDs as possible.

All members of staff attend these sessions.

Social Sustainability: local

We actively encourage the use of local companies and supply chains throughout our projects. This helps contribute to the economic sustainability of local communities, and encourage future investment.

All these elements are embodied in our approach to projects, and we try to ensure any associated companies, or consultant partners share the same ethos.

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